Pulsonix Schematic Capture

Easy to learn, yet packed with professional-level features to assist you in rapid capture of your circuit.

Fully integrated

Schematic Capture is supplied with every Pulsonix PCB design suite as an integrated editor. It is also available as a separate standalone product for engineering environments.

When used as a standalone product, not only can you add the Pulsonix Spice simulator but you can also export netlists in industry standard formats.

Schematic Capture Environment

Easy to use

Pulsonix Schematic Capture is quick and easy to learn and use. Schematic designs can be created quickly using the feature-rich toolset available. With features ranging from flat or multi-sheet multi-instanced hierarchy to electrical rules checking, Pulsonix Schematic Capture is a clean versatile tool to have.

Pulsonix Schematic Capture uses drag-and-drop methodology throughout, This speeds up your design throughput as it eliminates the need for constantly changing 'modes' of operation. If you need to move a component, pick and drag it into its new location.

Electrical Rules can easily be added as required, or can be imported from an existing technology file. Not only ERC rules but also all your design constraints and net class rules required when the design moves to the layout stage. Constraints can be mastered into the Schematic early on in the design cycle.

Connections between devices are simply added by touching an electrical terminal and dragging off. Likewise, ending a connection is simply a matter of touching the target source and releasing. Multi-level Undo and Redo are available at all times with unlimited undo levels.

Summary of Features