Pulsonix PLM Interface

Integrating Pulsonix into your workflow

The Pulsonix Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Interface option provides the interface needed to seamlessly integrate Pulsonix into your company infrastructure.

Fitting the pieces together

PLM overview

The PLM product interface (or a middle-tier application between the PLM system and the various individual tools) allows access to documents and other design data in a controlled manner, so that all actions fit with the design flow defined by the PLM system. Each process or product requires its own PLM interface to enable the PLM tool's 'hooks' to access information within it.

Pulsonix has 'hooks' built-in which the PLM product can access using the new Pulsonix PLM interface. These are programming hooks that are specially written for individual PLM products. Pulsonix will initially support a PLM interface through the Integrate product. Additional PLM products will be supported as they become available.

Feature Summary