Pulsonix Data Connection

Database Connection

Pulsonix Database Connection

Pulsonix Data Connection ("PDC") enables instant access to corporate information systems for rapid identification and selection of components.

This enables you to carry out database-driven part selection and management inside the Pulsonix design environment where you need the information exactly where you need it.

Standard connectivity

Database Types

Using industry-standard ODBC for connection to the data source, PDC can hook up to a wide range of manufacturing, engineering and corporate databases including Microsoft Access, Excel and SQL Server, MySQL, IBM, and even text and comma-separated (CSV) files.

If you are already using databases through other EDA products, for example using OrCAD CIS, you should be able to connect PDC in the same way to your existing database in minutes.

Simple to set up

Easy configuration uses a point-and-click interface to define the mapping between your database and the Pulsonix attribute fields. Once connected, simply use the search tools to quickly locate the parts you need and add them to your design complete with all the required attributes from your database.

Component information at your fingertips

Pulsonix Database Connection

Instant access to your corporate component data through PDC helps increase your productivity, assisting you in locating and selecting the right parts for your project, whilst at the same time ensuring that you have the details you need to take account of company standards, or obsolete or out-of-stock parts.

Using a single source for data eliminates duplication of effort and minimises the risk of out-dated information being used. Supplier and pricing information can be maintained by your admin staff and is instantly available to your design team.

Access to database information through PDC is supported throughout the product cycle, from initial selection of components through to checking design consistency against the database and producing up-to-the-minute Bill Of Materials and other reports from 'current' information in the database.

No longer will you rely on manually updating your design data to reflect the latest corporate information, this can all be taken care of automatically at any stage in the design cycle.

Summary of Features